Milk Thistle Tincture


My back yard borders a pasture which happens to be abundant in milk thistle. These are the plants that you don’t seem to notice until you are walking pleasantly through your garden, having a grand time, and then impale your foot upon its sharp leaves.

Despite this occurrence (multiple times), I have a fondness for this plant. Actually, I admire her. She is beautiful, strong, and sticks up for herself if you step on her; she grows tall and regal; snails, caterpillars, birds, and all types of creatures benefit by having her around.

If you treat milk thistle with respect, she will gift you her delicious leaves and medicinal seeds. Neither come without a price as they are quite tedious to process. The leaves have points that need to be cut off before eating and to acquire the seeds you must navigate the prickly casing, which, needless to say, one is often pricked.

Here’s to you milk thistle! May those brave enough to attempt harvesting you be blessed with beautiful, wonderful, wild medicine!


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