Yarn Bowl

Here is another of my ceramic masterpieces. It actually started off really well, then when I was trimming the bottom, I made a hole. Also, one of the sides was thin and broke (hence the swirly design). So I decided to turn it into a really cool yarn bowl.

yarn bowl 1

I think my favorite part about this bowl is the color. I used a glaze called “blue ice” and, although it has bubbles and is dripping in areas, it came out really beautiful and I like that the edges didn’t keep the glaze. Well done, me!

yarn bowl 2


The Best Ceramic Bowl Ever!!!

1 CAM00174

I know it sucks, but I’m in love! Also, it’s my first, so by the laws of nature, I have to be in love.

2 CAM00178

I began the class 5 weeks ago and after the first session I was not in the best of spirits. Turns out being a ceramicist is actually pretty difficult. I am not the best student or persevere-er, however I get to make things with my hands and it has been rewarding. Working on the wheel can be relaxing and meditative, although sometimes, I have to admit, I feel a tingling desire to grab the clay and throw it against the wall whenever it’s not coming out the way I want. Why didn’t anyone ever teach me how to deal with disappointment?

3 CAM00179

I hope you are as excited as I am to share in whatever junk I create next!

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