New Stuff Coming Soon!

New Stuff Coming Soon!

Hopefully whoever found this where I left it loves crocheted stuffs!


Sun Hat

sun hat

Noise Pollution


Today happened to be a wonderfully beautiful day, so I convinced myself that I should be out of doors (it’s never difficult to convince myself to shirk responsibility and play outside). I decided to go for a walk to the beach and listen to the ocean for a little while, which has the ability to completely calm my mind. However, lately its effects have been rather short-lived. Over the last year or so I have increasingly noticed how much noise bothers me – I am unable to focus, I become irritated very quickly, and I am pretty much an unpleasant person to be around (no snarky comments from the people who know me!).

On my beautiful walk I was bombarded by traffic, airplanes and helicopters, people working with loud machinery on the street, garbage trucks. When I got back to my apartment there was a man trimming the hedges and then a few minutes later there was a man cleaning the apartment complex with a leaf blower (which all it really does is blow the dirt through the crevices under our doors and in between windows – thanks for keeping the grounds so clean!).

I understand in our society we like to have garbage trucks to collect our trash, we like to keep our streets clean and smooth, we like to keep our bushes trimmed and the dirt off our sidewalks… but I often think we have missed something. This isn’t how we are supposed to be, to live. My mind is constantly in a state of nervousness. I am hyper-aware because I am constantly hearing all these noises that my brain is not sure how to process. I also have to extend this to electronics. I have recently caught myself listening for my phone even though I was not expecting anyone to contact me. For me this is an awful way to live.

I have tried to go places where the noise pollution is less, and it definitely helps, but even if I go to the tallest mountain in my area, guess what? I can still hear airplanes. It seems as though I cannot escape the noise unless I were to go to a very secluded place where no other humans have contact. The problem is I don’t want to do that. I enjoy what my society has to offer, but I want to live simply. I want a place where my mind can rest.

I had gone for my beach walk to relax and I ended up returning in a worse mood than when I had left. There is something definitely wrong with that and I intend to work toward a life that can take advantage of all my society has to offer while still not being pulled into the noise, destruction, lack of focus, and constant stress that is associated with it.

I know this doesn’t really have anything to do with crafting, but it’s similar in the sense that crafting and handmade goods is a way of life, a simple life that places importance on high-quality living, and, for me at least, I find joy and peace when I know I can make something with my hands.

Shut up, yarn!

purple yarn

I am visually stimulated very easily. Before going to a yarn store I have to budget how much I can spend and then wait for the right moment when I am feeling in control. The vast array of colors and materials call out to all of my senses. Yarn can be very manipulative, “Take me home with you! Don’t you want to feel how soft I am? Aren’t I the most attractive color you’ve ever seen? Don’t you love me?” Shut up, yarn! I am only one person, with very few Benjamins (or Grants, or Jacksons, or Hamiltons…).

When I see a color, I imagine all of the possibilities. I rarely go to the store with a pattern or project in mind. I usually get my inspiration from the yarn. I once had a professor in college who told my fellow classmates and me that you can force creativity. I have no doubt that some people can. I am not so fortunate. When I try to force it, the project usually looks awful. I have pretty much come to terms with this and, therefore, wait for inspiration, then strike while the iron is hot. This does pose a problem, however, since inspiration is not always considerate of time. I do find that to help my muse, I can remain open to creative thoughts, vibes, ideas that pass through my life. For instance, during the time when I would normally be able to craft, and if I am sans inspiration, then I look at craft websites, or I go to a yarn store, or I hike through the foothills, anything that will take the pressure off so I can let the creative juices flow.

What about you? Do you work through your creative block? Or do you wait for a gift from your muse?

Flower Pins

Flower Pins

Double Crochet Two Color Scarf

double crochet two colors 2

double crochet two colors

Double Crochet Single Color Scarf

double crochet single color scarf 2

double crochet single color scarf

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