String Painting

So I decided to try my hand at string painting. They did not come out as impressive as some that I’ve seen on the world wide web, but they were pretty rad nonetheless. It’s really simple, however I think the success lies in the amount — and perhaps the type — of paint applied to the string. And, of course, the design that results from the placement of the string on the paper. So, basically everything. You will have success if you can do everything right.

Not that I was what I would call successful, but like I said, rad nonetheless. For the first I used unadulterated acrylic paint and applied a bit too much, as can be seen by the globs on certain portions. For the second I had watered down the paint; a little too watered down. For the third I chose to use three different colors of semi-watered down paint.

I might try it again, as it is fascinating and somewhat addicting. We’ll see.


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