The Best Ceramic Bowl Ever!!!

1 CAM00174

I know it sucks, but I’m in love! Also, it’s my first, so by the laws of nature, I have to be in love.

2 CAM00178

I began the class 5 weeks ago and after the first session I was not in the best of spirits. Turns out being a ceramicist is actually pretty difficult. I am not the best student or persevere-er, however I get to make things with my hands and it has been rewarding. Working on the wheel can be relaxing and meditative, although sometimes, I have to admit, I feel a tingling desire to grab the clay and throw it against the wall whenever it’s not coming out the way I want. Why didn’t anyone ever teach me how to deal with disappointment?

3 CAM00179

I hope you are as excited as I am to share in whatever junk I create next!


5 Replies to “The Best Ceramic Bowl Ever!!!”

  1. Try not to get too discouraged. I started back in 2009 and I would always look at the advanced students work and feel like a failure. I have already developed my own signature style that is strictly mine, and I wouldn’t of been able to do that had I of given up. I love the color of that glaze btw and you’re doing great. 🙂 Keep it up and keep pushing on.

    What color is that & What cone is it fired at?

    1. Thank you! I do really love working on the wheel. I appreciate the support and I hope I don’t give it up (classes can be expensive!).

      I’m going to have to get back to you on the color. It was the very first one and for some reason I didn’t write it down. I have since kept track of all the colors I have used, but I can’t remember this one!

      I have class tomorrow, so I’ll try to figure it out. Also, I don’t know what is meant by “cone” (I am such a novice). It was fired in “normal” firing. Does that help? Ha!

    2. Okay, so the color was either chun blue or jeff’s long beach blue. I’m not sure if those are common names or specific to where I am taking this class.

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