I know this has been covered everywhere on the internet, but I think it is such a fun, simple idea. For those of you who have not read up on this, plarn is a portmanteau, or blend, word that was created to describe the product of making plastic strands to use as yarn. If you have an excess of plastic bags laying around making plarn is a wonderful way to upcycle. Crocheted or knitted items made from plarn are great gifts, however you may end up just keeping them for yourself because they are that neat!

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to create your own plarn:

Supplies – Plastic bags, scissors

  1. Make the plastic bag flat by folding at the creases (like the way it would have been packaged).plarn2
  2. Fold it length-wise over itself, keeping the width about the same size as the handle.plarn3plarn4
  3. Get your scissors and cut the bottom off, then cut across the folds. I usually keep the sections between 1/2-1 inch, however set the size to what you need – the thickness of the plarn and width of the sections are directly proportional.plarn5plarn6
  4. Attach each section to the next by looping one circle around the other and pulling it through.plarn7plarn8plarn9plarn10
  5. When you are done attaching each section you will have a strand of plarn. Continue doing this until you have enough to create your item. You can keep attaching more to the end if you find yourself in a shortage.plarn11
  6. Now you can begin crocheting (or knitting) your item!plarn12plarn13

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