Shut up, yarn!

purple yarn

I am visually stimulated very easily. Before going to a yarn store I have to budget how much I can spend and then wait for the right moment when I am feeling in control. The vast array of colors and materials call out to all of my senses. Yarn can be very manipulative, “Take me home with you! Don’t you want to feel how soft I am? Aren’t I the most attractive color you’ve ever seen? Don’t you love me?” Shut up, yarn! I am only one person, with very few Benjamins (or Grants, or Jacksons, or Hamiltons…).

When I see a color, I imagine all of the possibilities. I rarely go to the store with a pattern or project in mind. I usually get my inspiration from the yarn. I once had a professor in college who told my fellow classmates and me that you can force creativity. I have no doubt that some people can. I am not so fortunate. When I try to force it, the project usually looks awful. I have pretty much come to terms with this and, therefore, wait for inspiration, then strike while the iron is hot. This does pose a problem, however, since inspiration is not always considerate of time. I do find that to help my muse, I can remain open to creative thoughts, vibes, ideas that pass through my life. For instance, during the time when I would normally be able to craft, and if I am sans inspiration, then I look at craft websites, or I go to a yarn store, or I hike through the foothills, anything that will take the pressure off so I can let the creative juices flow.

What about you? Do you work through your creative block? Or do you wait for a gift from your muse?


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